Beautiful Beachfront Location

Our complexe will amaze you with our laguna beachfront , and a beautiful pool where you’ll be able to refresh yourself before crossing and diving in the ocean at Okra Beach, Come and enjoy Assinie cool mafia!

Assinie Cool Mafia ressort with a beautiful pool, reclining chair, restaurant and rooms!

Our Favorite Menu

Choose between our different specialities from the terroir, while you can also enjoy Europeen food, click below to see all the menu.


Comme and relax on our Ocean side beach with white sand and cristalline water!

Sun Lounger

Capacity Full: 2 person

Ocean Day Bed

Capacity Full: 2 person

Sunset Booth

Capacity Full: 2 person

Our Room & Suites

Our large and confortable room will ensure you a excellent rest to go for a another day of adventure!

Special Perfomace

Sunday Best With Dj Zachary

Special Offers

Cocktails For Enjoy The Sunset

Special Offers

Sunbed Tanning Package

Special Offers

Happy Hour Promo

Eugene Rivera


Amy Anderson


Sandra Kelley


Blog & Article

Follow our blog to be up to date to all the promotions, stories and event at Assinie Cool Mafia!


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